44 Gifts for Moms from Mother Owned Businesses

Gifts for the Moms in your life!

With a focus on mother owned businesses, shopping from this list helps you support mamas from all over the world.  

Baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for no reason (aside from the fact that she just had a baby). These are the gifts the new mom you know will actually want, need, and love you for.

If your first instinct is another stuffed animal, onesie, or something else for the baby, just forget that. Forego the baby gifts and get something for the woman who will spend the rest of her life selflessly caring for the human she's bringing into her home. After all, she needs some love too.

This list is simple, to the point, and offers a variety of price points accessible to many.

Gifts Ideas for Mom

Services & Experiences for New Moms

30 Days of Personal Postpartum Online Coaching and Support with a Doula - $149 - Perhaps the best gift you could give. Every mother deserves postpartum support after they have a baby, Cove makes it accessible to gift to any mother, anywhere. Mama's personal doula, Lizzie, guides her through emotional self-care, relieving anxiety, feeling supported, and settling into motherhood through videos, meditations, short exercises, and one-on-one chatting that takes as little as 5 minutes a day for busy new moms. Each mom also gets a curated gift box with self-care items, so you don't have to show up without a gift in hand! Mom will be overjoyed when she realizes her gift box comes with a DOULA.

Savage Wellness Virtual Gym Membership - $19.99/month - Certified personal trainers offer help with nutrition, meditation, yoga, workouts, and more. 

Lactation Consultant Help with Boober - I suggest $200 - In-home, same-day support from a lactation consultant. They have gift cards! This is truly invaluable. GET THIS for every mom you know.

Personalized Parenting Guidance - $75 per session - Children don't come with instructions. That's for sure! Child development experts can help parents navigate their child's development with Weldon.

Prep and Rally Meal Plans - $11.99 - eBooks and meal plans that help mamas shop and cook healthy and delicious meals. 

RoomLift Virtual Interior Decorating - $695 - It's hard to get out of the house, let alone find an interior decorator to work with. Help mama make her space more serene with some design help.

Work-Life Balance Coaching for Busy Parents - Initial Consult is Free! - Louise Heite helps you figure it all out. Your first hour is free, how making this a pretty perfect and easy gift!

Revolution Motherhood On-Demand Fitness - $99 - The ultimate mom-gift: A full year of sweat, love and mom-centric exercise.

Perinatal Virtual Pilates - Charlotte Blake Pilates helps you confidently move through each phase of motherhood with strength, ease, and alignment. 

3 Private Pilates Sessions with {ther • happy} - $279 - Help mama get an introduction to Pilates tailored to meet her strengthening or rehabilitation needs.

Virtual Styling with Composed Co - $250 - Mom is busy. Maybe mom wants to go out and look nice but she needs some styling help? These ladies have her back via FaceTime. 

gifts for moms

Postpartum Skincare

Mothermother Oil - $28 - I use this oil every. single. day. It's the perfect mid weight face or body oil, and smells amazing. Plus you get to support a mama when you buy it.

Lil Fox Rose Toning Mist - $40 - A cooling and balancing toning mist for all skin types, especially for delicate or mature skin. This floral water toning mist gives hydration to skin and leaves skin plump and dewy. Lil Fox products are EVERYTHING. You cannot go wrong here.

Weleda Skin Food - $12 - It's $12, it's on Amazon, and it's plant-based. Call it a stocking stuffer, or call it the cream that she'll never leave the house without. 

Strange Bird Beauty The Inner Ritual - $211 - The perfect gift bundle for the mama who loves a skincare routine. Leaping Bunny certified, positive impact, all that goodness.

Rise Well Travel Pack - $15 - CLEAN dental care, but a chic travel kit safe for mom and kids too. 

Matrescence Rose Glow Brightening Essence - $68 - A nourishing and refreshing essence that instantly reveals a brighter, more vibrant glow by effortlessly dissolving impurities and dead skin with organic chamomile and pomegranate. 

Press Pause CBD Healing Balm - $49.99 - Make sure she's ok with CBD first, but this healing balm Full Spectrum formulation with 50 mg of CBD is a therapeutic balm formulated to give your body a rest from tension and provide relaxation from life’s daily stresses. Yes mama needs that.

skincare gifts for moms

Things She Can Wear

Tie-Dyed Organic Swaddle Scarves - $32 - Hand-dyed organic swaddles that are beautiful and functional. Can also be worn as a scarf for mama.

Organic Cotton Travel Poncho - $78 - Zest Organic's soft organic cotton travel poncho is the perfect extra layer of warmth for the office, the airplane or an evening out on the town. Also great for discreet breastfeeding. 

The Everyday Shirt - $165 - Sister Katie's relaxed silhouette and comfy fit, the everyday shirt will be your new go-to. Wear it to bed. Wear it to the beach. You'll never want to take it off. It's seriously chic for the flowy organic cotton loving mom.

Shop Arq Everything - From $28 - If the mom you love is on Instagram, she knows and loves Shop Arq bra and undie sets. These sets can also be matched to your littles, simple, high-quality, gorgeous colorways.

Ilado Pregnancy Necklace - $79 - This gorgeous necklace sits on mama's belly and makes calming noises that the baby will recognize once they are out of the womb. It's gorgeous and functional and gives you a way to connect with baby before they arrive. 

MiliMili Sleep Mask - $28 - Let's face it. Mama needs some sleep. Why not help her along with this insanely soft, hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial Bamboo fabric eye mask. 

Lulu & Shay Precious Stone Rings - From $140 - Gorgeous pieces for the modern woman's desire for jewelry that holds a powerful emotional connection in meaning and the intricacies of hand-made details and finishing.

Words Count Fighter Warrior Hero Shirt - $75 - Every mom is a fighter, warrior, and hero. Show her that you get it and make her feel strong and worthy with this shirt.

Mom Kindness Leather Clutch Bags - $40 - Cute and functional small leather clutch bags, with a detachable shoulder strap.

MOLOCO Breastfeeding & Postpartum Swimwear - From $88 - I mean... say no more. Designed for moms, by a mom, these swimsuits are gorgeous and functional. 

Kibou Bag - $89 - A deliberately minimal diaper bag that's actually cute. 

Postpartum Mommy Matters Panties - $25 - Yes we need them. Yes we want them. These are sexy AND help with recovery. Forbes named them a must-have item for new moms.

Formerly Yan Convertable Snap Dress - $278 - For all stages of motherhood including pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond. This chic black dress lets mama feel put together and fancy. 

Zoe Chicco Mama Stud - $175 - A little reminder to the outside world of who she is. This earing says MAMA in beautiful, understated gold. 

breastfeeding friendly fashion

Decor for Her Space

Parachute Bedding Linen Quilt - $279 - Parachute creates luxurious linen textiles for the home, and if you're going to spend on mama, spend on this quilt. She'll wrap herself in it and feel blissfully calm. 

Mudcloth Pillow Covers on Etsy - $55 - Get her one, or a few. These pillow covers are made of mudcloth with minimal designs. 

The Woman Vase at Mociun - $148 - Rachel Saunders makes these beautiful wheel-thrown and hand-altered stoneware vases as an ode to women everywhere. 

Female Form Side Table - $129 - Ok this is from Urban Outfitters, but one of my best mama friends works for their corporate office, so I'm including it. Also is gorgeous and a statement piece for mama's space.


Totum Lactation Support Cookies - $19.99 - They are finally available again! The mother support cookie that she NEEDS and WANTS. 

Branding Templates for the Mompreneur - $60 - For the hustler mom in your life that's working on her side project, and could use some easy branding templates to use on her site or social media.

Freshly Moms New Mom Gift Box - $79.99 - This gift box contains a selection of mom's favorite snacks, hot cereal and a herbal latte mix, which will make her feel loved, pampered and taken care of.

Postpartum Recovery Boxes - From $78 - Bundles and care packages full of the best products to relieve discomfort and practice self-care during postpartum recovery. Something dear to my own heart, there are specially curated bundles available for c-section mamas too!

The Birth Journal - $40 - An heirloom in the making, this is a guided keepsake journal to write your birth story.

Palo Santo Incense & Selenite Crystal - $12 - From Valleybrink Road, this is a thoughtful gift for emotional healing, purifying and cleansing. 

Go-Comb - $11.99 - A comb she can stick in her wallet that's the size of a credit card. For those last-minute or unexpected needs to freshen yourself up in public. Happens a lot to us moms, ha!

Edoughble Cookie Dough - $49 - Moms hungry. Moms needs snacks. And sugar. Get her edible cookie dough.

I'd like to shout out to HeyMama, where a TON of the mother owned business above were found to include here. This amazing community supports mothers in business, and the inspiring women that lift each other up every single day is enough to melt my heart. 

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